Right People, Right Role, Right Time

by | Jul 19, 2021

I need to Recruit – Where do I Start?

Just the word “recruiting” fills some small business owners with exhaustion, and understandably so. Recruiting is no small task.

An employee has left or perhaps business is growing and your team now needs to grow to service it.

Whatever the reason, you must now spend countless hours posting and reposting the job, reading resumes, interviewing candidates, and training new hires.

It makes sense that many owners seek to outsource this particular task to a recruiting agency or an employee.

However, even if you are not involved in every step of the recruiting process, you are still responsible for its success…so it is vital that you are part of the process and solution.

Create a Recruitment Process that Saves You Time and Money

Before you rush headlong into replacing someone, you should first pause and assess your actual need and how the person fits into the plan of achieving your business goals.

Recruiting doesn’t have to be a nightmare situation and you can break bad recruiting habits!

You can’t completely protect yourself from turnover, but you can protect yourself from chaos and save a lot of time, money and stress by taking the time to understand the process and get it right for your business.

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