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Our Leadership and business mentoring programs are specifically designed for leaders who understand the value of the people in their business, in achieving their goals.

Whether you prefer self-directed learning, a sounding board when you need it or step by step mentoring, one of our tailored coaching programs will support you through your unique strategic growth.

It is our goal to support our clients to STREAMLINE through strategic organisational design, CREATE through attraction marketing for both clients and team, and AUTOMATE through systems aligned to your roadmap.

We are committed to maximizing organisational growth and efficiency, through development of our clients’ leaders and workforce.

Through supporting the development of leadership, we help you to realize organisational benefits through demonstrated action and behaviours in productivity, confidence, success under pressure, emotional intelligence and courage, resulting in business growth and goal attainment.

Achieve balance through managing stress and anxiety effectively

Develop your personal leadership style and presence

Think and operate strategically

Be confident in having tough conversations

Build productive relationships

Improve time management

Have certainty in your leadership strengths

Lead individuals and groups to joint goal achievement

Take back control.
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Executive Coaching Program

A twelve month executive coaching program for business owners and senior leaders

Emerging Leaders Program

A six month development program for senior management and emerging leaders

Leadership Foundation Program

A three month self-directed learning program to support business owners and managers in their leadership capability

NLP Transformational Coaching

Rapidly identify and shift anchors and blockages to success. Overcome doubt, anxiety, bad habits, procrastination and limiting behaviour.
Stremline. Create. Automate.
Your Keys to Strategic Growth.
Business and goals are unique and our
highly experienced consultants are specialists in delivering
solutions that are tailored to your organisational objectives.
“I had another strategy session with Christine today. Having a business plan is one part of the puzzle; this session was practical implementation where Christine showed me how to achieve my goals through the people in my business. I now have an achievable and step-by-step action plan. More than that, I have an insight into the emotions and thoughts of my future team and licensees.”

~ Business Owner, Finance Broker

“We recently had the pleasure of having Christine Litera as a guest speaker at our AIEA event.
Christine gave a lively presentation and the members and guests were most receptive, saying it was one of the best talks they had attended. It’s always great to learn something worthwhile from someone who knows.”
“Christine gave me a road map for all things ‘people’. More than just fancy phrases (like hit the ground running), Christine’s outcomes directly affected my bottom line (profit) because our great automated processes save us time, improve client satisfaction and reduce staff turnover. Massive cost savings in any business.”

~ Business Owner, Accounting