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Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders tailored to your timeframe and budget…

You got into your own business for many reasons; it could be that you felt you could do better on your own, that you needed the flexibility for family, it could be that you had enough of working for someone else… and so many more.

But once you get into business, you realize that it can be hard working on your own, competing for clients, how and where to market, how much to charge for your products or service, how to stand out in your industry and how to grow. Add to that, the complex employment laws, all of the commercial costs of running a business and staff that just don’t seem to care or even show up.

We know, that at times you have thought about just going and getting another job… most business owners have felt that at some stage.

Did you know…

That we can tailor our workshops and services for business growth, changing the way you do business and building an online business?

You may be eligible for an IN PART or FULLY covered Small Business Government Grant.

Now is the time to call us.
We recognise that a high percentage of our clients contact us at times of stress in their business and it is our job to not only get you back on track, but to work with you, to set up your strategy, operations and automation to create your forward trajectory.

We want you making money and energised by the thought of coming into work each day. Everyone deserves that.

Here are just some of the solutions we provide for small business owners:

One to one and group coaching workshop options

Goal setting and strategic planning

Defining and building your sales sequence and products

Defining your market and finding new clients

Creating your personal brand and getting known in your market-place

Defining and creating online courses and products to diversify your revenue streams

Getting and keeping more clients

Attracting, hiring and then managing great people…and keeping them accountable

Compliance and business foundations

Leadership coaching

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