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You got into business because you are good at what you do and you wanted the lifestyle and opportunity that your own business affords you….

​... but it is tough, isn’t it?  Particularly when you:

  • ​Consistently hear your family and friend’s doubts for your success playing in your mind
  • ​Have a sense that you shouldn’t really be doing this and ‘who am I to think I can have this’ (imposter syndrome)
  • ​Have blockages around your pricing and your value to you clients
  • ​Procrastinate, self-sabotage and do pretty much ANYTHING except making the calls and doing the work that you know you should
  • ​Project a persona or confidence and success even when you feel you are faking it and one wrong move could send it all crumbling around you
  • ​Constantly worry about money and having enough….that if you aren’t earning, you risk losing everything
  • ​Face phobias and anxiety in networking, selling and business building activity
  • ​Work hard and want to know how to have certainty in your future…for you…for your family….and for all you want to achieve!

​As a business owner, I know that stress, anxiety and overwhelm are common.  Every business owner faces fears, doubts and insecurities from time to time.

​... and you don’t have to!  More and more, people are realising that guidance and coaching is the way to achieve excellence and achieve the best version of yourself.

Our Transformational Coaching uses NLP to break subconscious behaviour and limiting beliefs, assisting you to create positive change and excellence…..Are you ready to change, NOW?

Transformation Coaching is about assisting you to go from where you are now, to where you want to be….in business and in LIFE!

What is the difference between Business Coaching and NLP Coaching….and why do we use both?

​In business coaching, we focus on moving forward and sometimes dealing out a butt-kicking to gain your forward momentum.  More often than not though, roadblocks to your success are internal and have become part of your mode of operation.  They can be deeply rooted in your unconscious mind and can have a self-created anchor, holding them in place…..and this is the limit of Business Coaching….and where NLP steps in.

With NLP coaching, we assist you to rapidly IDENTIFY and SHIFT the anchors and blockages to your success, through a range of coaching tools and techniques.  Tools that you can learn and use on your own, when you recognise limiting and negative behaviours, affecting your relationships and business.

​Being positive and working hard is not always enough.  Building leaders in life and business is what we specialise in.  We assist you to build…

  • ​Confidence in decision making; in business, career and relationships
  • ​Wealth-creation strategies that are tailored to work FOR YOU
  • ​Life-Purpose and an ability to focus on what is important to you
  • ​Self-esteem and clarity in your own value
  • ​Energy and a shift in thinking about sales and business growth
  • ​Certainty that you are ‘enough’ and deserve the success you create

You’re not going crazy.  You CAN stop the frustration that comes from your repeated blockages and those books that you are reading about ‘how to organise your life’ are NOT going to motivate you.

You ARE ready to move forward and together, we will release the programming that has been holding you back.

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