The Impact of Outsourcing Essential Tasks

by | Jan 16, 2024

Maximising Small Business Efficiency: The Impact of Outsourcing Essential Tasks

Hire a virtual assistant, Outsourced HR, Mental Labour, Outsourcing, Virtual assistant, Human Resources, HR Consultant, Philippine worker, Business growth, Business development, HR documentation, LeadershipWhen it comes to small business operations, optimising efficiency and creating consistency is the key to success. Outsourcing, whether repetitive tasks, creating internal documents or overseeing a process, plays a pivotal role in freeing up a business owners time for essential business growth activity.

Let’s use a simple internal document as an example: the Position Description (PD).  The PD, along with various other crucial documents, serve as blueprints for roles and responsibilities within an organisation. When implemented correctly, these documents establish standards, gauge success metrics, and facilitate effective task delegation. However, their significance extends far beyond mere documentation.

Certainly, creating a PD yourself is straightforward, especially with templates or AI and can often take as little as 3 mins for an initial template. Yet, the true impact lies in tailoring and then actively utilising these documents within your business operations. Internal documents such as position descriptions should function as tools to enhance performance and connect an individual employee to the goals of the business, rather than lying dormant and forgotten on a shelf.

After crafting the document, our HR Consultants can take around 7 hours to implement them correctly and we consider the time invested, a valuable resource toward our client’s business success. How you ask? Overt and hidden tasks and mental labour can consume precious hours that could otherwise be dedicated to scaling your business.  Consider for a moment, what is included in the implementation of a simple document such as a position description: for it to make a difference your activity would include tailoring from your AI template, branding, organising meetings, discussion preparation to ensure a great outcome, meeting time to go through and listen for input, follow up conversation, finalising the document with input from the incumbent, posting on the HRIS, organising following up meetings, creating KPIs from the PD and incorporating those into the next performance review and planning how to discuss and connect activity listed in the PD, into one to ones and ongoing business conversations, along with the emails created for every step of the way, and the interruptions and refocus on a simple document when your focus should be on business growth.  You will start to appreciate how having someone else manage this type of process will save time and allows your focus on core business activity.

In small business, management is done by HR, it is the leadership that is done by the owner.

Outsourcing seemingly simple tasks to proficient experts, whether an HR consultant or your virtual assistant, unlocks hidden efficiencies and benefits that might otherwise remain untapped. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about redirecting focus toward activities crucial for business growth – engaging clients, strategic marketing, and fostering innovation.

Moreover, your HR consultant or virtual assistant brings more than just time-saving. Their ability to create systems and automation through key skills can transform teams and bolster engagement, driving improved performance, and ensuring employee compliance is adhered to.

Outsourcing work, even seemingly simple tasks, yields substantial benefits for small businesses. It’s about reclaiming time, tapping into specialised expertise, creating systems and providing your business with the necessary impetus for the growth that you want.

As you explore strategies to streamline and expand your business, embracing the potential of outsourcing could be the catalyst for unlocking unparalleled growth.

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