by | Sep 8, 2020

I’m a Manager Now – I Need Help!

Whether you have been recently appointed to a management role or are an experienced people leader, there are a few key principals you need to understand and implement, to connect and engage your team. Left to their own devices, employees will simply ‘exist’ in a business. They may appear to be busy but look closer and you will find that the ‘things’ they are doing are not necessarily moving you toward your goals.

Moving Everyone Forward

Part of being a Manager, is leading your team but managing is so much more and a single line on your job description that states “meet team and company targets through appropriately managing and developing employees” does not cover the immense responsibility you will face. Here are just some of the individual accountabilities that fall under the title ‘Manager’:

  • Plan
  • Inspire
  • Source
  • Performance Manage
  • Discipline
  • Coach
  • Appraise
  • Train
  • Upskill
  • Recruit
  • Induct
  • Terminate
  • Reward
  • Engage
  • Retain

Regardless of whether you have been recruited externally or promoted within, it can be an enormous task to earn respect and trust from your team, but it doesn’t have to be hard, nor a big implementation project.

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