Is Your Leadership Team Missing Its Chief Human Resource Officer?

by | Feb 24, 2023

When making decisions in your business, there are many facets to consider, such as financial, administrative, legal, and strategy, to name a few.

Many leaders overlook the impact to team and internal structure in resourcing, communicating direction and expected behaviour, as well as the ability to positively affect culture and organisational behaviour.

The CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) is the position in your leadership team that is the thought-leader and driver of the HR changes that need to happen, to support your business goals and decisions.

In small and medium sized organisations, the CHRO team works externally and steps in to advise, show, mentor and support as needed, similar to your accountant (CFO), lawyer (CoC), and IT provider (CIO).

Successful leaders build a team of advisers to support their decisions and growth, they are the team you turn to and bring together, to assist with perspective, options, best practices, specialist knowledge and understanding as well as some of the hands-on support, training and educating when needed.

What can a CHRO help with:

  • Building and supporting resourcing plan for changes and transitions
  • To manage the performance and development processes – to ensure your time is spent with your team and business, not in detail and systems
  • Frustrations with team members that need a sounding board and a non-emotional response and way forward, as well as the administrative support for follow up and best practice of managing
  • Frame and support emails and strategic communicates to effect positive change and culture
  • To support your leadership – it can be challenging to be the ‘compliance person’ when you are developing culture internally. Outsourcing this role and responsibilities enables you to lead and grow a team and your business
  • Develop specific training, processes and mentoring programs
  • Plan and support the employee lifecycle from recruitment to team members exiting the business

You know your business; you don’t need a top-heavy organisation taking up much-needed cash flow in salaries. You need strategic, insightful and specific help and knowledge to support your way forward when you need it.  You want someone on your team, that you can call and discuss issues, frustrations and plans with, and get an instant next step or the knowledge that they will take care of it for you. Chrysallis offers CHRO services starting from just $500 per month for small business.  Schedule a call with us today and lets talk about the support that you need, to keep

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Christine Litera is the CEO and Founder of the Chrysallis Consulting Group.  She is also the author of Grow Your People Grow Your Business: Big Corporate Secrets for Small Business Budgets