What is a business system and do I need one?

by | Aug 30, 2021

A business system is quite simply; a way to put your business on auto-pilot and create freedom. 

Business systems are the key to not only your business’ success, but also YOUR success in managing all of the things you need to, as a business leader. 

They connect the steps of a process and automate them, freeing up your time to do more of the things you LOVE and less of the things you don’t.

A business system is often overlooked though…and here’s why:

  1. Urgency and prioritizing – During business growth cycles, cashflow and time can be tight.  The perceived lack of urgency and the upfront time investment in set up can feel daunting, pushing your system builds down on the list of priorities.

2. Simply it’s a bit boring really – we get it; systems are back-end processes that create business efficiency *yawn* … it’s not the reason that MOST entrepreneurs get into business …. but when I show you the freedom it can create, the amount of money it can generate both while you sleep and to the real value of the business … it’s time to start taking notes.

When implemented properly, a great system has huge benefits to your business:

  1. Consistency and Delegation – think of any time you do the same thing repeatedly; simple things like sending email thank you’s or reminders.  Or something bigger; an employee onboarding and upskilling process, product ordering or shipping automation.  What if you could have a system do it for you and, because it’s automated, someone else can run it?  Not only do you never have to look at it (and completely waste your time) again, but it’s done consistently every time … exactly the way you like it!

2. Automation – when you put things on auto-pilot, you get more time to do … well … anything you want.  All of those ‘simple little tasks’ that you spend time on every day are gone; how you now spend time is up to you.  It also means you can expand to a global client base; with everything running on auto-pilot, you are delivering to other time zones while you sleep!  More clients, more time; NOT so boring now.

3. It can build an Asset for your business – when it comes to exiting your business, systems are the things that value is built on.  Regardless of how many clients you have, or the money you make, a business can be difficult, if not impossible to value, if everything relies on you.  Businesses that command the most value in a sale, are ones that can be picked up and handed to someone else.  If you can choose a piece of your business and transfer it to another person, you now have a saleable asset.

4. Clients love it. Clients love you. That means more sales – how often have you missed an email from a client or forgotten to send a thank you note? How many times have things been missed because you’ve been too busy.  Client experience is created through consistency. Consistency through client communication, quality, delivery and follow up.

Regardless of the size of your company, business systems are essential to build efficiency and scalability. They give business leaders the confidence to step away and focus on your goals and growth.

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