3 Growth Challenges Your Small Business Will Face

by | Aug 23, 2021

When you look back through your business goals of the past couple of years, how do you feel? Excited? A sense of achievement? Have you forged ahead, or does it feel like groundhog day; nothing has changed, you are still in the same place, with the same or more issues and challenges confronting you?

If you have the same goals every year, you are not alone. Starting and running a small business is challenging and let’s face it, a LOT harder than you ever thought it would be….and not to mention the fact that no one told you that, with everything else it takes to grow a business, you would have very little time to actually do the things that need doing in the business, to make money.

Take heart, it can be easy to get on the right path once you know how… and RIGHT NOW is the time to take action and create a roadmap that gives clarity for each next step.

Here are the top 3 Growth Challenges that we see small to medium businesses facing every day… and of course, how to overcome them!

  1. You’ve only ever considered business growth as ‘client’ growth – think of your business as a pyramid; one side is for clients and the other is for your team. The truth is, client growth can’t be sustainable if it not propped up by internal team growth; one side can’t exist without the other. You work really hard to get clients in the door, but then you need to actually DELIVER to those clients. You have two choices; either do it yourself, or you reactively hire ANYONE that seems remotely able to (and available right now) to help. If your business income is on a three-month rollercoaster, you are treading water or you are working day and night to keep up with everything, this is why. When you plan for growth, consider your external (client) growth alongside your internal (team) growth. You can’t achieve your business goals on your own, and if you are already flat strap in your business and you want to grow and earn more, how is that possible? Quite simply, your people need to do it for you; plan for them now
  1. You haven’t created a consistent and duplicable attraction process – words like FUNNEL and VALUE LADDER are thrown around online alongside terms like BOUNCE RATE but what this really means is that to be successful in business, you should have a consistent and simple way to LEAD potential clients and applicants into the services or products that you offer. A website is no longer a single unit, it is a series of landing pages, designed to provide an immediate solution to your potential buyer. If you missed the memo on FUNNELS, now’s the time to start laying it all out in linear fashion…your clients will love you for it; it will help direct them to the solutions they want and present your products and services as no-brainers
  1. You’ve never mapped out a roadmap to achieving your goals – Most intelligent business owners know that setting goals is important. If you are not meeting them in your business, it’s usually because you have not created an actual plan to achieve them. For most, there will be a big gap between where you are today, and where you want to be; a step by step plan makes that gap less daunting and sets achievable and realistic NEXT-STEPS to give you certainty in your direction and a simple pathway to achieving them

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