Don’t Replace Them!  Focus on Your Strategy

by | Apr 10, 2023

Employee turnover can be a challenging situation for businesses to navigate. However, it can also provide an opportunity for growth and strategic development.

Rather than simply replacing a role that has been vacated, take the opportunity to reassess your strategy and instead, hire the role that aligns with your vision for the future.

1. See Resignation as an Opportunity for Organisational Change

When an employee resigns, it can be tempting to immediately begin looking for a replacement. However, this is often a short-sighted approach that doesn’t take into account the bigger picture. Instead, use the resignation as an opportunity to assess your strategy and make any necessary changes. The role that has been vacated was created for what your business needed when you hired them.  Is it really the role that you need for your future organisation and long term goals?  Now is the opportunity to reposition yourself and your business for future success and growth.

2. Focus on Talent Management

Rather than simply advertising to fill the vacant position, focus on talent management and upskilling. By identifying the skills and experience required to achieve your strategic objectives and creating a role that aligns with those requirements, you can look at internal succession and company experience to fill the role, saving time and money. By focusing on your team and talent management, you can attract and retain top talent through succession planning and career progression, saving yourself time and money through recruitment, onboarding and training.

3. Embrace Organisational Change

Creating a new role can be a significant change for an organisation, but it’s one that should be embraced. By reassessing the organisation’s internal growth strategy annually, you are able to plan ahead for the roles that you will need, and start to see movement and progression as an opportunity.  It may require a shift in thinking but will save time and stress in surprise resignations.  Planning and knowing what your future organisation will look like is a key step to remain competitive and successful when it comes to your team.

Through taking time to plan and approach internal growth strategically, it becomes more attainable to achieve success as an employer, and engage and retain a team that wants to achieve yours and the company’s goals.

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Christine Litera is the CEO and Founder of the Chrysallis Consulting Group.  She is also the author of Grow Your People Grow Your Business: Big Corporate Secrets for Small Business Budgets