7 Easy Hacks to a Happier and Motivated Workforce

by | Aug 16, 2021

Growth Challenges Your Small Business Will Face

Did you know that happy employees are 36% more motivated and achieve their goals 31% more often than other workers? Or that happier workers are 12% more likely to help their colleagues? These are some of the findings of the annual GloboforceWorkForce Mood Tracker Report.

As a business leader, what are you doing to create a happy, engaged and productive team?

You may have heard the saying ‘A goal without a plan is just a dream’. Most business owners when asked will tell you that they have a dream to have an inspired, motivated and productive team who love coming to work every day. By connecting your people plan to your organization and growth goals, a happy workforce is absolutely attainable.

When you plan:

  • Everything is automated so you don’t have to think about it…and micro-manage
  • You are more likely to go ahead with pre-booked events and training
  • You feel less cluttered and under pressure knowing that you are already organized
  • You can put ‘HR’ to the side mentally and focus on growing your business

Happiness at work can be achieved by any business or team and the smaller the business, the easier it is. It just takes commitment, action, consistency and of course, a plan.Here are our 7Hacks to creating your own happy motivated team:

  1. Spend a full day in December or January mapping out your people engagement plan
  2. Book a half-day each quarter to review your plan against your business goals
  3. Purchase ‘rewards’ for the whole year in one go (think coffee vouchers, gift cards, etc)
  4. Block one to one days with meetings held back to back to create efficiency, focusand space
  5. Book in specific training days, giving at least a title and 3 bullet points of what you will cover (that’s it for now!)
  6. Automate everything through an online calendar with reminders
  7. Focus on roles, not people when planning for training

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