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Human Capital Consulting

Chrysallis are business transformation specialists and provide strategic human capital advice and operational support, tailored to your organizational objectives. We provide a full spectrum of strategic Human Capital Services and support through the complete employee lifecycle including:

Organisational Design and Re-Design

Strategic Roadmap Workshops

Insolvency Consulting

Review and optimisation of talent acquisition processes

Leadership and succession

Executive reviews and future-proofing

RFP Project Management and Supplier Review

Strategic Change management

Culture, engagement and workforce transformation

Management Consulting

Our Management and Human Capital Consultants play a crucial role in developing organizations through providing advice and real time support. Our role is to work with you to assist you to determine your strategic objectives, design the roadmap to achieving them and then support your implementation, using a tailored solution

Your goals and business are unique and we tailor our solutions appropriately to structure, size, workplace culture and budget. Whether your goal is to grow your existing business or to automate and push into the online marketplace, our team will work with you to create the systems and automation that enable you to have the life and business you want.

Business strategy and roadmap

Goal setting

Attraction marketing

Downsizing and optimisation


Sales funnels and value ladders

Online product creation

Leadership Skills

We are committed to maximizing organizational growth and efficiency, through development of our clients’ leaders and workforce.

Through supporting the development of leadership, we help you to realize organizational benefits through demonstrated action and behaviours in productivity, confidence, success under pressure, emotional intelligence and courage, resulting in business growth and goal attainment.

Whether it is one to one growth coaching, mentorship, online self-study, group coaching or a combination of all, we have the solution for you.

Our coaching is for emerging leaders and business owners, building confidence, emotional intelligence and the courage to move forward to where you want to be, both in life and in business.

Achieve balance through managing stress and anxiety effectively

Develop your personal leadership style and presence

Think and operate strategically

Be confident in having tough conversations

Build productive relationships

Improve time management

Have certainty in your leadership strengths

Lead individuals and groups to joint goal achievement

We recognise that your business and goals are unique and our highly experienced consultants are specialists in delivering solutions that are tailored to your organizational objectives.

Our engagements are flexible to your need and we can either manage as external project consultancy or partner with you to implement through hands-on program delivery.

Projects are scoped and defined with your business deliverables in mind, helping to provide clarity and peace of mind through clearly defined targets, milestones and delivery timeframes.

We guarantee a direct and candid approach to your business
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“I felt time poor and knew that this was not my area of expertise. What a success! This saved my so much time and worry. You took away all the parts that I had little idea about and provided me with tools and templates as well as helping me deal with the stuff that I don’t enjoy doing.”

~ Business Owner, Accounting Practice

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great session today. Certainly some tough conversations and some deep thinking but I’m so excited for us to have a clear communicated vision. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve next. Thanks again Christine for your expertise and for guiding this session. So valuable. “

~ Business Owner, Childcare Industry

“I noticed massive changes in our business from our first meeting and we implemented lots of new strategies and practices within our first 6 months of working together. It was great to have someone supporting us and it literally felt like you were holding our hand along the way. I appreciated someone who was available and could break things down into steps so our dreams didn’t feel so overwhelming.”

~ Business Owner, Construction